Sightseeing Tours in New York City, Harlem, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Woodbury Common, and more.
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Enjoy a fascinating day the Capital of the United States. Learn the history of the colonies, the American Revolution and the Civil War.


See Capitol Hill home of the US Congress – and learn about the structure of the U.S. government. Stop at the White House, home to the President of the United States and the West Wing.Visit the Memorials dedicated to Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln who ended slavery in 1860. Visit Iwo Jima and Vietnam Memorials to understand how these events changed the country. Get a glimpse of Arlington Cemetery where over 200,000 soldiers have been buried since the Civil War. Spend time at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum , a monument to the technology of the twentieth century. Exhibits include the Kitty Hawk, Spirit of St. Louis, command modules from space flights like Apollo 11, and more.


This is our most popular tour for many reasons - the history, the politics, the beauty of the city and the amazing contrast to New York!